We are really excited that Grove have accepted our invitation to come all the way from the UK for the event. Grove’s genderqueer work combines innovative sensual electronics with political lyrics directed against various forms of oppression. They will play after the demo on Tyršovo nábrežie. You can already look forward to their great show with a strong anti-fascist stance.

More info about the programme of the celebrations on 29 August in Bratislava can be found here.

Antifascist Mobilization 2022 ▼ We will not take a step back

In recent months, the lowest instincts have come to the surface in Slovak society. Over the past two years the streets have been occupied primarily by convicted liars and neo-Nazis who have managed to overwhelm the public space with hateful toxicity and the absolute degradation of language. The fascist and ultra-conservative wing is gaining momentum. Instead of the central social issue being resolving the deepening of numerous deeper inequalities or the impact of the climate crisis, it is as if we are often left to fight the same social battles over and over again. On the basis of empty slogans of nationalism, their hateful populism appeals to an ever larger and often legitimately disaffected audience. However, regardless of whether it is the coronavirus, the war in Ukraine or the solution to social problems, it turns out that their only agenda is the politics of fear. So while their mouths are full of phrases about freedom, they come up with repeated efforts to restrict reproductive rights, attack minorities, people on the run, and label serious issues of planetary proportions as a hoax or a complot. Not so long time ago, the democratic part of society was horrified that a fascist party had entered the parliament. Today, several of them are active there and their rhetoric is being adopted by a growing part of the political spectrum, which despite its proclamations is not ashamed to cooperate with them.

We believe that the 78th anniversary of the SNP is the most appropriate occasion to tell all authoritatively minded people that we have not left anywhere. The SNP is one of the few historical events in which the people of Slovakia were able to resist oppression and stand up for democratic values. Unlike many politicians who gather at the monuments on the anniversary of the uprising to place wreaths by them or read out pathetic speeches written by their assistants, we invite you to the streets. For 78 years ago, the “evictions began”, but the struggle against fascism is still going on.

We will meet on 29 August 2022 at 16.00 at the Square of the Velvet Revolution/Námestí Nežnej revolúcie. We will continue with a loud demonstration through the streets of the city. The event will culminate with the program of the 7th edition of the anti-fascist festival Povstanie pokračuje (The Uprising Continues) on the Petržalka side of the Danube.

Apart from talking about serious issues, the event is primarily meant to be a celebration of anti-fascist values in the streets. Music will be provided by Nautas Loops from Barcelona, TRANSmission and Hura Soundsystem. This year, an allegorical float or samba band will also accompany the protestors on their walk through the city streets. Banners are welcome.


Uprising continues 2022 


In response to the long-term events in society and the strengthening of the far right, we have decided to take to the streets on 29 August. After all, the best celebration of the Slovak National Uprising/SNP is a reminder that the fight against fascism is not over.

This year’s celebration of the SNP anniversary will take place on 28-29 August 2022. The events will take place in the Nová Cvernovka, in the streets of the old town or on the Danube riverside in the Cylokuchyne and T3 – cultural center. 

On 29th of August, we are also announcing a protest with the name Anti-Fascist Mobilization. We will meet at 16.00 at the Square of the Velvet revolution/ Námestí Nežnej Revúcie, and we will continue with a loud demonstration through the streets of the capital. Apart from the fact that the event will be about serious issues, it is primarily to celebrate anti-fascist values and the occupation of public space. Music will be provided by the Barcelona-based group Nautas Loops, TRANSmission or Hura Soundsystem. An allegorical van or samba band will also accompany us through the streets of the city this year. The event will culminate with a rich program of the 7th annual urban anti-fascist festival, Uprising Continues on the Petržalka side of the Danube. Traditionally, you can look forward to great music, art, food, drink, information points of the movements and initiatives and other parallel program, which we are currently finalizing.

We will post more information continuously here or on our Facebook and Instagram pages.